Federal Law Enforcement Lodge 138 & 138A
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

President’s Message

The Broward County Federal Law Enforcement Lodge 138

The President’s Mission Statement

The Fraternal Order of Police is the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement officers, with more than 330,000 members in more than 2,200 lodges. We are the voice of those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving our communities. We are committed to improving the working conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those we serve through education, legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation.

The mission of the FOP is to protect and serve the citizens of this nation and to work to foster growth and understanding between law enforcement and the community.

But with recent current events, we find ourselves living in an environment that harbors a climate of hostility and mistrust between our citizens and the law enforcement personnel sworn to protect them.

Changing times in America: As a society, we are compelled to create a system of checks and balances that will afford the police and the community an opportunity to interact and respond to today’s culture. This is done by (1) removing and replacing police officers that attempt to tarnish the credibility and integrity of our law enforcement officers, (2) the need to have a clearer understanding of the racial issues and problems that divide our communities and work with our community leaders to correct these deficiencies (3) educate both the police officers and the community on methods to enhance the continuity and compatibility of each individual entity, not based on whether or not you wear a badge or if you are white, black or brown but based upon the right of every citizen to live in a community without fear, hostility or through intimidation and (4) each individual whether law enforcement oriented or a civilian is responsible for his or her actions and should be held accountable for those actions.

Over the past thirty-one years +, our lodge was created by thirty dedicated U.S. Customs inspectors and canine officers with a commitment to carry out their duties and responsibilities with professionalism and integrity. The character of our lodge has been founded upon the conduct and trust shown by our lodge members and the support we provide to our community.

Over the course of the past three decades, we have had the opportunity to enhance our membership by recruiting officers from twelve federal law enforcement agencies to include but not limited to, the Department of Homeland Security, Customs & Border Protection, Immigration and Naturalization Service, FBI, DEA, ATF, US Marshal’s Service, US Coast Guard, US Postal Service, HSI/ICE and the Department of Defense.

In addition, over twenty-five years ago, our lodge had the opportunity to create an associate FOP lodge consisting of professional and civilian citizens for the purpose of promoting law enforcement throughout their communities. The motivation and commitment to the citizens of our communities has allowed our lodge to grow both in the state and federal law enforcement environment.

Hopefully over the next few years we can continue to supply the security and safety to all the citizens throughout Broward, Dade, and West Palm Beach counties. 

Richard G. Tallent

President - April 1st, 2024